Five Minutes to Mayhem USA TOUR April 2020

Five Minute’s to Mayhem, a New Tech Rock Band from New Zealand, Announces a Partnership with Spaulding Innovations 

The Premier Rock Band is Preparing to Release their Eponymous First Album, As Well as Go on Tour in the Early Fall of 2019 

Ian Black, lead singer of Auckland, New Zealand’s premier new rock band Five Minute’s to Mayhem, is pleased to announce that the band is partnering with music industry icon Ron Spaulding. 

About Five Minute’s to Mayhem: 

Five Minute’s to Mayhem is a new and premier tech rock band from Auckland, New Zealand. The band is gearing up to release their first eponymous album, as well as their first 3 singles, “Five minutes to mayhem”, “Provocateur” and “World of make believe”. The band recently announced a partnership with music industry mogul Ron Spaulding. For more information, please visit 

About Spaulding Innovations: 
Spaulding Innovations’ motto is: Convergence of Media Technology and Entertainment, where Innovation defines Technology. For more information, please visit


Five Minutes to Mayhem 


Five Minutes To Mayhem Ron Spaulding Innavation's Press Release

Five Minute's To Mayhem

Five Minute's To Mayhem

Five Minute's To Mayhem